About Us...

The Woodesign-JM team consists of designers, architects and carpenters with years of experience in the wood industry, gathered around the idea of ​​creating a new dimension of woodworking.

Such an attitude motivated the team members in 2017 and encouraged them to gather to work together to create a recognizable brand that will give new value and shake up the already somewhat boring industrial furniture market.

We are dedicated to what we understand best and what we are best at.

At the same time, it's a job we're fully committed to, but we can't hide that it's equally fun to work together on new products.

That is the secret of our success. Or at least it has been a secret until now.

Jurica Mihovec

By making each piece of wood by hand, we try to breathe new life into it and recognize what the wood wanted to become as it grew.

Of course, we also work according to our customers' wishes, and we are open to all ideas and suggestions that we elaborate in detail until they are realized.

We can modestly say that we can make almost everything from wood, as evidenced by our clients from various parts of the world for whom we have worked so far.

Meet Our Team

Jurica Mihovec

Founder, Product Designer

Nika Mihovec

PR organization

Josip Miklec


Martin Horvatić